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Meet Celeste. She’s got one of the best views! She’s sitting in front of the posada where we stay in San Agustinillo Mexico each winter. She is the proprietor’s dog, which means she is everyone’s dog. We really love having her company when we visit. It’s like we have a dog for a week. She goes on walks with us, she hangs out at our room, she plays, and sometimes she comes around in the middle of the night just to see what we’re up to. I posted other photos of her on my other blog: celeste and jim and dogs Other posts of images from visits to San Agustinillo include: Timo | afternoon glow | painted clouds | sky palm | toward the light | disruption | pink hibiscus | orange sky | chameleon crab | meet Sport. Dog lover? You might enjoy these, too: meet Tillie and if mama knew |


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